Vienna Service Design Jam

Oct 20

14. & 15. nov. 2014, jeweils 9:30–17:30 -



Mit einem Geschäftsmodell steuert man sein Unternehmen. Womit steuert man seine Karriere?
Mit Business Model You® – in Wien;

Gemeinsam mit designaustria ist es GP designpartners gelungen den Begründer der Methode nach Wien zu holen:

imageTim Clark wird am 14.11. einen BMY-Workshop

Sep 08

SAVE THE DATE – 27.2.–1.3.2015be ready to join in: vienna servicedesignjam 2015

SAVE THE DATE – 27.2.–1.3.2015
be ready to join in:
vienna servicedesignjam 2015

“Meine Gratulation zum diesjährigen Service Design Jam in Wien!
… ein Erfolg auf allen Ebenen!
Auch diesmal durfte ich wieder unzählige neue Erfahrungen in Services Design (Thinking), Arbeiten mit und in interdisziplinären Teams, neue Denkweisen aus dem Bereich der Anthropologie und vor allem hinsichtlich zwischenmenschlicher Abläufe verfolgen und mitnehmen.
… für mich eine wirkliche Bereicherung!
Ich habe es genossen, mit Euch Gedanken/Ideen zu und über Problemstellungen kreisen zu lassen - „kreatives Jammen“ ein Prozess auf gleicher Augenhöhe aller Beteiligten.
… nochmals Danke!” —

Peter Schreckensberger,
Design & Business Strategist

Sep 04

2014 project no. 3: depropagandiser

Depending on the kind and quality of media, an article can comprise various components of information:

Pure facts, emotional opinions, optimistic conclusions, concerns, prognoses/expectations, etc.

The “depropagandizer” box is a transformer which takes a piece of information as input. Inspired by De Bono’s 6 thinking hats, it separates the input into the above-mentioned components, which condensate at the inner surfaces of the box (6 colors). Then, upon unfolding, the box presents all components separated but in one structured view, providing much clearer insight in the nature of the text and maybe possible intentions. This allows the user to get a better big picture of the given information.

2014 project no. 2: DoubblePack

All over the world you can find very creative ideas for second usages of old packaging materials - for example plastic bottles, tin cans, etc. The hosts of DoubblePack will collect construction manuals from all over the world, translate them and redistribute them in pictogram manuals.

The customers of DoubblePack will be able to access the ideas for upcycling packaging material - for example an empty plastic bottle. They will be able to choose from various products involving plastic bottles (from toys to building houses). A construction guide (designed language barrier free - in pictograms) will be ready for download.


2014 project no. 1: EnvisionMe

As a teacher in a design school, I am very frustrated with the way students visualise a target group, especially with the very narrow and in my view inappropriate “persona” concept. We need to get away from text based descriptions and use visualisations to make customer typologies understandable interdisciplinarily.

EnvisionMe is a tool for visualising target customer typologies that aims to show (potential) customer groups in a more complex and thus more accurate way. By gathering various specific information about the customers, e.g. his needs and desires or his ethical values, EnvisionMe allows a deeper insight into the consumer’s world than conventional tools.

Mar 12


Mar 09

it’s done.another week working for better services worldwide can come.

it’s done.
another week working for better services worldwide can come.

jam is done – thank you post-it, stabilo and stattys for supporting us. it was awsome to work with such great products.

jam is done – thank you post-it, stabilo and stattys for supporting us. it was awsome to work with such great products.

vienna service design jam 2014 – day 3

today was a very relaxed day. we started off with a croissant breakfast again and then spent the morning finalising the projects. as we were such a small group, it was possible to work a lot faster than we normally would have.

at lunch we had a discussion about the jam briefing and its relevance to the world. 

(chances are that post party peter is a little bit hungover, but he’s still jamming.)

in the afternoon things got more serious, but we still had plenty of time left. a very nice atmosphere to work in.

shortly before 3 p.m. the global service jam server was overloaded, so some of us had problems uploading the final projects. but in the end we all managed to finish on time!

after the upload we had one final presentation of all the projects created.

and so vienna service design jam 2014 ends – we had a great time!


vienna service design jam 2014 – day 2

we started out at eight o’clock straight today. while we were sipping our coffee and munching away on our croissants from froemml bakery (best croissants in town!) we recaptured the ideas that had formed the day before.


breakfast was followed by a talk considering the connection between anthropology and design from michael leube. the talk triggered a discussion that brought us a lot of additional ideas in respect of the jam theme.


after a short break we learned about the basic techniques of so-called »graphic recording« from eva rudofsky. she showed us how easy it is, even for those who consider themselves less artistically talented, to depict people, places, procedures and more by using simple shapes and lines. 


then, people got together in groups to concretise the ideas created. we have three teams working on three very different projects. the morning was thus spent doing that.

during lunch, jakov jakisic refreshed our memory on the concept of »six thinking hats« (most of us had already heard about it at the service design jam 2014). 


after lunch, we went back to working on the projects.


we worked until about seven pm, which was when dinner arrived. after dinner, the teams presented their respective project to the others. we closed day two at nine pm.


(last two photos © by christian lendl)

Mar 08

almost all the participants of the 2014 jam (christian lendl is missing). 

almost all the participants of the 2014 jam (christian lendl is missing). 


vienna service design jam 2014 – day 1

friday, march 7th 2014

it is on again!

this year’s vienna service design jam is an event with an almost familiar atmosphere – we’re jamming in a group of only eight people with more than half of us already having jam experience. as usual, we started off with a marshmallow challenge which turned out to be quite an elaborate one as almost everyone participating had already tried it once.

then it was time to learn the secret theme of the 2014 service jam – it turned out to be something entirely unexpected… 

– namely, an unfolded box. (i thought we had a photo and wanted to put it here – but it turns out we don’t have one.)

baffled at first, we started to brainstorm on the theme. as we were such a small group, we did the brainstorming session all together and then went on to enjoying our dinner (sushi).

later the big group split up into two smaller groups who worked on some of the themes discovered during the brainstorming, further developing them into the direction of possible service projects. 

(rudolf’s group selfie fail)

after that we called it a day – more to come tomorrow!